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Elisabeth M Sherman, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist, 1994
Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM, National Certification), 1994
Diplomate, National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics, 1995
Master of Science in TCM, 1993

I enjoy providing personalized comprehensive health care in a supportive environment in order to help you reach and maintain your goals and optimal health.  You will be provided with information, exercises, and resources so that you can quicken your healing and stay well.

My Experience:
I began practicing Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM) in 1987 as an acupressurist and shiatsu therapist.  Since 1994, I have been in private practice as an acupuncturist and herbalist.

I received my training at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, one of the leading TAM schools in the country.  After graduating, I joined the faculty of ACTCM.  

In 2009, I was one of two acupuncturists asked by Whole Foods to do a pilot acupuncture program for their injured team members in Sonoma County, CA.  The program was so successful that they decided to expand it nationally.

I continue to study both Functional Medicine & TAM, and have studied extensively with Dr. Datis Kharrazian, the late Dr. Richard Tan and the late Giovanni Maciocia, all internationally respected teachers.


"I am forever grateful for finding Elisabeth Sherman and receiving treatment from her.  What a gifted practitioner!

I walked into her office with a thyroid disorder, hives, tennis elbow, digestive disorders and a chronic lack of energy.  She requested my medical history (including past lab work), and with unprecedented thoroughness, supplemented my office visits with medicinal herbs, nutritional supplements and a diet and exercise plan...taking care to explain to me exactly how each piece of the treatment would help me.  It was her comprehensive approach that empowered me to heal and balance my body.

She stands out for me, above past practitioners, because of her thorough knowledge coupled with a genuine deep care, warmth and affection for her patients.  Finding her was my godsend and it allowed me to trust that my body could find its way...and it become healthy!"
- Rebecca

• • • • •

​"Elisabeth is an extraordinarily kind, extremely knowledgeable and exceptionally skillful acupuncturist and herbalist.  She is very, very smart and equally generous with her time and expertise.  She is by far the most thorough medical professional I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

She takes a comprehensive medical history, is very gentle with needles, and designs customized herbal formulations.

Elisabeth not only provides remedies for physical symptoms, but is genuine and caring in the face of emotional challenges as well.  She has the sensitivity, smarts, compassion, and wittiness to help one navigate the most difficult emotional challenges and life transitions, with awareness, grace, and humor.

With her extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, and the musculoskeletal system, Elisabeth goes far beyond simply resolving symptoms, by gently suggesting simple lifestyle changes that allow one to make great strides in one's overall well-being and quality of life.

I simply can't recommend her highly enough."
- Laurelai

• • • • •

"I must share the depth of my gratitude for Elisabeth Sherman.  When I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, the pain I experienced was nearly unbearable.  When I could no longer walk or even lay in bed without excruciating pain, Elisabeth gave me acupuncture, prescribed herbal therapies and coached me on nutrition.  At first, I only went because my wife made me but after just the second treatment, I noticed improvement.  Though I struggled with chemo and radiation, after a session with Elisabeth the pain was less and my strength improved.  I appreciate all the physicians who were on my case but my deepest appreciation goes to the person I credit with my being able to walk and work again, Elisabeth Sherman."
- John

• • • • •

"Elisabeth Sherman has changed my life.  She is extremely thorough and knowledgeable in all facets of health and wellness.  Elisabeth has improved every issue I have had since receiving treatment.  She not only cured my ailments with Acupuncture and her medical understanding - but her knowledge of Chinese herbs has been so beneficial.  The combination of her treatments and supplements has made a huge difference in my health and wellness.  On a personal note: Elisabeth has the most positive outlook on any subject as well as the best sense of humor."
- Cindy